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      Digital Marketing Services

      Just like your business is unique, our strategy for you will be unique.
      Nok's Marketing Team understands that every business has different goals so that different routes must be taken to accomplish them.
      Nok's provides online marketing services tailored to your business objectives and specific needs.

      Brand Strategy & Experience Design:

      What brands need?
      Building a connected brand isn’t easy.
      It requires a holistic approach, using bought, earned, owned and shared media to create a fully integrated engagement plan.
      And next points are our plan:
      Start with a plan.
      Strategy never stops.
      It’s not about the channel.
      Engagement planning.
      Customer experience study and design.

      Data Analytics:

      What we do?
      Quantitative analytics, business intelligence, site behavior tracking.
      Decision science, multivariate testing, content personalization, media optimization, new customer identification.
      Audience behavior analysis, engagement, measurement, interest and intent.
      Search retargeting, and automated keyword bidding strategies, conversion attribution.

      Staying visible online:

      How we drive SEO growth for our clients?
      Building for Search from the ground up.
      Speaking your customers’ language.
      Going global.
      A connected approach.

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