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      • Nok's Mobile Application Development

        Delivering end-to-end Custom mobile application development. Whether you need a custom, native iOS, Android, Windows app or prefer a cross-platform hybrid app. Nok's can help!

        Nok's CMS

        No other CMS software gives you so much while keeping things so simple. With Nok's CMS, anyone can build an incredible website with amazing design, fantastic features, and even an online store.

      • Nok's RFQ

        Nok's RFQ Portal is a buyer and supplier accessible portal for digitizing Request for Quotes and other kinds of supplier requests. Nok's RFQ streamlines buyer tasks and increases RFQ visibility, analytics, and controls that taking your customers to the next level.

        Nok's Ecommerce

        Become Online and Sell your products and accept credit card payments from buying customers. Start by choosing from over a hundred ecommerce website templates in our Theme Store.

      • Nok's Inventory

        Nok's Inventory Management System combines the use of desktop software, barcode scanners, barcode printers, and mobile devices to streamline the management of inventory (e.g. goods, consumables, supplies, stock, etc.).

        Nok's HRMS

        The perfect HR software is the Perfect way to manage your workforce. So Nok's HRMS and Personnel takes care of all your HR activities while you take care of your employees.

      • Nok's SEO Tools

        Fast-forward to online marketing. How can you work smarter and faster with SEO? It starts with having the right tools. +20 Simple and effective SEO Tools to Instantly Improve Your Marketing.

        Nok's Chat-Bots

        Communicate with your Customers 24/7 by Nok's Chat-Bot platform for businesses. Which ready FOR MESSENGER, SLACK, SMS, TELEGRAM & WEB. And only bot platform with over 100 integrations.

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