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    1. Instantly connect with the thousands of suppliers already using the Portal, sign up new suppliers in 2 minutes or less, integrate directly, or simply use Nok's smart email tools.
      Letting suppliers choose the channel that suits them best will drive 100% of your supplier relationships electronic.

      Request for quotes can be entered online and assigned to multiple vendors.
      Automatically prints quote solicitation letters to vendors.
      Vendor responses are recorded, and purchase requisitions can be automatically generated when the quote is awarded to a vendor.
      A given RFQ can be awarded to one or multiple vendors.
      Supports online storage of each supplier’s quotation response
      Supports online review of RFQ history and vendor performance data as part of determining which vendors to include in a given RFQ

      Better Supplier Relationships

      Avoid mixups, speed cycle times, and handle status inquiries and issues electronically without having to pick up the phone.

      Supplier Information Management

      Put an end to the phone calls and emails for missing information.
      Use follow-ups that automatically warn or block invoice submission pending remittance information updates.

      Nok's RFQ

      Improve Relationships With Suppliers

      Ease the data supply burden.
      Centralize information requests and stop sending suppliers multiple and misdirected inquiries.
      Avoid disruptions, escalations, and late fees.


      OPTIMIZE ALL SPEND: See what you’re spending your money on and with whom.
      SPOT OPPORTUNITIES AND RISKS: Identify opportunities and risks with easy ad-hoc analysis, custom queries, and spend analysis reports.
      OPTIMIZE SPEND PROCESSES: Isolate pinch points in your spending process to target improvements.
      DEPLOY QUICKLY: Use pre-configured dashboards and out-of-the-box full integration with transactional spend management.
      TRACK PROGRESS AGAINST GOALS: Use Success Metrics to follow progress toward goals you’ve defined.
      GET HANDS-OFF MAINTENANCE: Avoid expensive IT projects to reconfigure a BI solution following an acquisition, or changes in process or organization.

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