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BeRitty POS Application

BeRitty POS App works on any mobile phone or laptop and connects all your branches without previous equipment.

Order Tracking System

Is A type of Software application that provides end-to-end items tracking, which allows to digitally preview and manage packages. you can track packages in terms of where they are located, and when they will be delivered.

Meeting Room Manger

Meeting Room Manager (MRM) is a dynamic room scheduling solution that helps organizations to optimize their use of shared meeting spaces.

Electronic price tag

we are able to produce professional looking tags. They are like silent salesmen, telling the customer about the features, benefits, and special promotions.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

NokTechnology always hunts for successful partnerships & we are fully aware that the software industry is dynamic in a way that may confuses most of entities provide or consume services in that particular field, thus.

Mobile Phone Applications

We are a part of a world where every single person has a mobile phone and a Smart Notebook, Therefore, we are specialized in designing and developing applications for mobile phones and laptops to ensure that your organization reaches its customers in an optimal manner.

Design & Develop Software & Digital Solution

As the fundamental function in NokTechnology we always develop our own expertise and capabilities to grant you the best and most innovative in software to move along with updates in that field and specifically tailored to serve your business needs.

Hosting Services

We offer the latest technologies in the field of web hosting, web applications, mobile phones, and e-mail, relying on the best technologies and tools that provide maximum stability and security of data.

Integration Services

We offer you data full integration on one site for all your (Open/Closed Source) programs, generating different types of reports designing different platforms either through web or mobile phone effortless applications, with possibility of reviewing, adjusting and recovering data.

Technical support

To ensure the quality of our products and services, we provide ongoing technical support services to all our customers once they contracted to have any of our services.

Free Services

At NokTechnology we strive to make our customers achieve their future goals today, therefore, we’ve dedicated a section of our services for free to help you. You can use the Free Website Assessment service through several tools

Content Analyzer

Content Analyzer

SEO Checker

SEO Checker

Website Positioning

Website Positioning

Your Seo Score?

Check your website’s SEO problems for free!

NokTechnology SEO Free Services NokTechnology SEO Free Services NokTechnology SEO Free Services

We Offer a Full Range of Digital Marketing Services!

Innovation, experience & excellency are factors that have always satisfied customers whenever our unique and modern designs reflect their brand identity vision and goals.

  • SEO Checking and Building
  • Content Analyzing and Creation
  • Website Positioning then Building
  • Landing-Page and Company Profile Or
    E-Shop, E-Catalogue and Ecommerce

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Get Close to your Customers

We always take into account the brand's identity without compromising user navigation and the needed speed to answer requests We continue to provide after sales services from technical support, periodic reports reviewing the status of your website in the results of search engines and the size of the visit on a daily basis with a breakdown of all visitor data.

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